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         about Aliens and their Technology".

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This site is established for the purpose of educating and creating a place which has Scientific proof that shows details of Alien Evidence and Their Technology. 

This site is brought to you by Nano Materials Scientist 
Steve Colbern...

Steve Colbern is a Chemist/Materials Scientist with 20+ years of experience in chemistry and nano technology. He is currently working in the area of carbon nanotubes with his company; Neutron Star Nano Technology. Steve has analyzed several alleged alien implants in recent years.

Steve's research discovered that these objects contain carbon nano-tubes and other nano-structures, indicating that they are sophisticated nano-devices made by a level of nano-technology far beyond that of current mainstream Earthly Science. Steve was the first researcher outside of the government to make this discovery!

Steve is constantly being asked to research and evaluate specimens that people bring to him. He takes his scientific research very seriously and is dedicated to exposing the truth about Alien nano technology and all it's complexities...

If you should want an object or material item researched, think you may have an implant or think you may have had Alien Contact, please contact him for a consultation or complete scanning appointment, either through the Contact page here on this site, or via messenger through his Facebook page...

Donations are appreciated to further improve the research technology and evidence findings...
* Donors who donate $ 50 or more will receive copies of new research findings and analyses as they come in.

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